Isn’t The H1N1 Vaccine Supposed To Be Safe? Then Why Are So Many Who Take It Becoming Seriously Ill?

For months on end, world health authorities and the U.S. government have been assuring us that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is very, very safe.  Even though large numbers of people have now reported very serious reactions to the H1N1 vaccine, they are still assuring us that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is very, very safe.  So what in the world is going on here?  Of course if it ever does come out in the mainstream media that the vaccine is not safe the big pharmaceutical companies don’t have anything to worry about because the U.S. Congress has given them blanket immunity.  Today we wanted to share three more stories from our readers about what the H1N1 swine flu vaccine has done.  Of course the pro-vaccine forces will continue to insist that these stories represent “one in a (insert ridiculously large number)” and that the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh any risks.  But would you want to go through what any of these readers have had to go through?  The truth is that a ton of people are being hurt by this vaccine, and yet very few people will even take their complaints seriously.

But we take their complaints very seriously.  The following are testimonies about the effects of the H1N1 swine flu vaccine posted by readers of this website….



My husband has been diagnosed with ADEM possibly a varient AHLE from the H1N1 vaccine he received on 11/23/2009. Currently in ICU waiting on confirmation of brain biopsy. A healthy 45 year old man went from working 7 days a week to ICU and feed tube. Be fully aware of serious side effects from vaccines. We have been in the hospital since 12/26/09.


I am a nurse in Australia, and had the swine flu injection. I felt unwell almost immediately. 10 days post injection following severe pain in my back and ribs i started getting twitching in my left eye and side of face. I then ended up paralysed completely on that side of my face with strange neurological sypmtoms all over my body. I had the injection in September. It is now Feb and i am off for another MRI this weekend. Although the paralysis has gone, i still have a lot of neurological pain and other symtoms. I understand that this is a somewhat rare reaction, however if your in that small percentage that suffers, its miserable. I do not feel that i was adequately informed of the risks.


My disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I do not have asthma. I believe that children should have medical vaccinations so that the diseases that killed can stay in submission. I have a fair level of trust for medical professionals. I do not take flu shots because I want my body to be able to fight the flu so that it can be prepared for the strains to come. I am greiving. So, with that in mind… My Mother and Sister took the H1N1 shot after waiting patiently for it. They both suffer from asthma. I did not want them to take the shot but did not campaign them not to. My Mother is fine, my Sister died within 36 hours. She had gone to bed and was found 45 minutes later on her bedroom floor, breathing treatment still running in the bathroom. She had obviously had trouble breathing and when her breathing treatment machine did not work, she tried to get help but collapsed (Orthostatic hypotension? Guillain-Barré syndrome?). Please think before throwing around numbers like 100.. to 1. Because your audience is vast and someone who loves the 1 could be reading this. My Sister was probably the 1. I BELIEVE THAT IF SHE WOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN THE SHOT THAT SHE WOULD NOT HAVE DIED THAT DAY, AND THAT SHE WOULD NOT HAVE CONTRACTED H1N1 EITHER. I know of no one who has died from H1N1 (and I am greatful). I know of an 18 month old that had H1N1 and is fine. I know of 2 loved ones who took the shot and one died. IF the risks are so small why aren’t the disclaimers on a large poster in every doctors office? Withheld information is tantamount to lying. Picture this, your doctor or nurse or pharmacist is poised over you, syringe in hand filled with H1N1. They look you in the eye and honestly say to you “If I give you this shot, you are risking death. You could be dead in days.” Would you take it? Would you pause? Would you think, I won’t be the one? My Daughter called me from her pediatricians office the month after my Sister died. The Dr wanted to give my Grandson the H1N1 shot, what should she do? I said no, keep him away from crowds until the flu season is over. My Grandson is fine, with no shot. So, those that throw around those numbers that prove that the risks of taking the vaccine is small compared to not taking it, who say I took it I am fine which one of your loved ones do you want to nominate to be the 1? It’s such a small number, such a small risk, who’s it gonna be? It’s easy to be so righteous when you don’t know and love the 1 in so many that will die. My Sister was not sick before taking the shot, she got a kudos from her Dr for her GREATLY improved health, but she died after the shot. I greatly wish that all that read this (and all that don’t) will not get the flu, will not lose a loved one from the flu. I wish that no one else suffers at all. But pick your 1 and give me my 1 back. Oh my Sisters funeral an EMT came to me and told me that people with the health history of my Sister are being told not to take the shot, due to the risks of the side effects. But not by the Doctors or those that benefit from the perks of using the pharmaceutical companies products, but by those who have no direct contact with those companies.