H1N1 Vaccine Dangers

That was some raging H1N1 swine flu pandemic that we just went through, eh?  No?  You mean that the whole “swine flu” thing ended up being a total non-event?  Well, isn’t that nice.  But unfortunately, a whole lot of people are still suffering very serious health effects from the crisis, but not from the swine flu.  No, the people that have been left with some of the most serious physical conditions from this whole thing have been those who actually took the H1N1 vaccine.  You see, the mainstream media simply refused to tell the honest truth about H1N1 vaccine dangers.  So millions of Americans ran out and got themselves shot up with a toxic stew full of all kinds of horrible things.  For those wondering why we are so against the H1N1 vaccine, please read our previous article entitled “In Case You Were Wondering Why We Don’t Want To Take Your Swine Flu Vaccines”.  On this site we try very hard to tell the truth.  We do believe that there is a very real danger of a bird flu pandemic breaking out in the future, but we also try to warn our readers about the very real dangers that these modern vaccines present to us.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media will not dare tell the truth about vaccines.  So it is left up to sites like ours to speak the truth.

The following are 10 accounts from readers of this website about what happened when they or someone that they love took the H1N1 vaccine….


Got the h1n1 vaccine Feb 8, 2010. Ended up in hospital with facial paralysis, tremors, nerve pain, muscle twitches, and dysphagia. 4 months later the problems have not resolved. Getting the shot was the worst decision I ever made. Be ye warned.


constant headaches and facial pain after swine flu mist, after 6 months of off again on again symptoms,(headache was always present from 3to4/10 to 10/10) numerous visits to family practice and trips to ER, took 14 year old daughter to Mayo Clinic, discovered she had antibodies attacking nerve endings as a result of swine flu mist, started ivig therapy which also resulted in complications. Mayo clinic had seen 5 kids in past 30 days with same symptoms. flushing the antibodies is the only solution, delay of treatment can cause lifetime consequences.


i took the h1n1 shot May 6 2010 and the next the day i got very very very sick i got this crazy headache and running nose. My head is spinning like crazy and for some reason i can’t think and move if i walk i feel like i’m falling. Something is very wrong and i bet my brothers ae feeling dizzy too. But i am only 15 years old and i not ready to die….. something is very wrong!!!! Please don’t take this shot its not worth it.


Hello, two weeks after I received the Swine Flu Shot, I started having muscle spasms, My head fel werid, and I was crying all of the time. I went to the doctor he said it was just anxiety. I never had anxiety untill I received this shot. DO NOT GET IT!! ahh this is ruining my life!


i let my 17 year old son take the h1n1 vaccine. he has been healthy his whole life except common colds that you get and stitches. 4 days after recieving the vaccine he was hospitalized with a bleeding disorder. he had a platlette count of 2. we are still going thru treatments to try and help him. they believe he is chronic and will have this the rest of his life. we have been through bone marrow tests, steroids, 1 to 2 times a week blood draws, ivig transfusion bags, now they want to try a medicine on him that one of the side effects is death. what the hell is wrong with this world.this kid is restricted from all activities that could cause any bleeding. we are going to deal with this for the rest of our lives. they want to remove his spleen and see if that helps. what is our lives a guessing game. one question that could be asked to the president that approved this drug and are making them free from consequences is IF YOU KNOW THESE POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS, WOULD YOU GIVE THIS MEDICINE TO YOUR CHILD? IF YOUR CHILD BECAME ILL FOR THE REST OF HIS OR HER LIFE WOULD YOU NOT WANT THEM HELD RESPONSIBLE.as us usual americans go on in life suffering from side effects from medicines the government approved, i would like to know how the hell you sleep at night??????????


Hello: Just wanted to say that we have a friend down the road that was in remission from non-hodgkins lymphoma, and now is in an ICU unit for the past 7 weeks, with guillain barre syndrome after talking that H1N1 shot.
Because this syndrome is an auto-immune disorder it stands to reason now that his cancer could possibly return because of taking this H1N1 shot! Certainly makes a person shy away from any of these vaccinations for sure.


My 13 yo niece received the H1N1 – mom thought it was the thing to do since she has mild asthma. Within 24 hours she started having neurologic symptoms which have been progressively more severe. That was back in Nov. Since then she has undergone EEGs, CT scans, PET scans, 2 spinal taps, an angiogram, and they have concluded it is a reaction to the vaccination. We’re hoping the treatment they are offering (IVIG) is of help to her. She was a straight A student before. Within days of the vaccination, she couldn’t figure out how to hold a pencil. Her life has been turned completely upside down. Never again…


I received the H1N1 vacine on 9 Dec 2009. Today is 16 Feb 2010 and I am still experiencing upper and lower arm (moderate) muscle pain. This pain started on the day of the injection (upper arm only) and continues two+ months later. I also received the TB Tine test in the same arm on this day so I don’t know which or if a combination has caused this problem. I’ve seen a Doctor who sent me for an ultrasound and prescribed Motrin and warm compresses, still the same level of pain after two weeks. I submitted a complaint to the CDS and am waiting on a response. The current level of pain has caused me to avoid using my left arm from lifting more than 20 pounds – pain increases with amount of weight lifted. Since this has been onging for more than two months, I’m now concerned with the long term effects. I’ve tried exercise as well but no improvement. I’m currently at a loss and looking for a solution!


I am a nurse in Australia, and had the swine flu injection. I felt unwell almost immediately. 10 days post injection following severe pain in my back and ribs i started getting twitching in my left eye and side of face. I then ended up paralysed completely on that side of my face with strange neurological sypmtoms all over my body. I had the injection in September. It is now Feb and i am off for another MRI this weekend. Although the paralysis has gone, i still have a lot of neurological pain and other symtoms. I understand that this is a somewhat rare reaction, however if your in that small percentage that suffers, its miserable. I do not feel that i was adequately informed of the risks.


My husband has been diagnosed with ADEM possibly a varient AHLE from the H1N1 vaccine he received on 11/23/2009. Currently in ICU waiting on confirmation of brain biopsy. A healthy 45 year old man went from working 7 days a week to ICU and feed tube. Be fully aware of serious side effects from vaccines. We have been in the hospital since 12/26/09.